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Reverse Brain Drain Program

Career Pakistan assists organizations in Pakistan find individuals with foreign education or overseas work experience

For Pakistan's economic competitiveness, the country must strive to attract and retain world-class professionals in various segments of the economy. Individuals with foreign education or overseas work experience are in a peerless position to become carriers of expertise to Pakistan. Many times these individuals, with affiliations to globally celebrated universities and organizations, possess training and skills of exceptional value. Furthermore, the ensuing chains of knowledge-transfer spearheading from each arriving professional can cause a catalytic effect on the managerial, technical, and policy-making capacities of organizations here. When viewed cumulatively, the contribution of such highly qualified professionals can thus mobilize a persuasive influence on national development. However, to relocate to Pakistan, and subsequently to continue residence in the country, these individuals aspire for an agreeable career.

Career Pakistan matches appropriate jobs in the country with overseas professionals, to help reverse Pakistan's brain drain. Additionally, Career Pakistan also assists organizations find individuals with foreign education or overseas work experience that are already working in Pakistan. The overarching end in both cases is to attract as well as to retain talent.

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