Talk World

Career Pakistan

Role of Students

As a student, you can take the first step to unleash new ideas by organizing a Talk World event at your campus. Think of it as a fun learning experience; you will get to interact with a professional who has overcome challenges similar to what you face; and you will help inspire and inform your peers.


Talk World events are independently planned and coordinated around an idea-focused talk and thought provoking discussion. Speakers determine the length of time they will allocate to each segments of the event.


Talk World speakers represent a wide variety of fields including Business, Science, and Arts. Our speakers present views on multiple issues and address a number of challenges.


  • Students are encouraged to propose an agenda for each talk
  • Students should value the speaker’s time and effort. Identifying areas and topics where direction is needed is key
  • Extra care must be taken not to impose by opening the door to long or irrelevant discussion topics, or engaging in frivolous debate with speakers
  • Participants are encouraged to use the event as a networking event, and get in touch with the speaker or fellow participants to pursue future opportunities
  • The objective, above all, is to learn and this should be kept in mind