Talk World

Career Pakistan

Role of Speakers

Every year, Talk World invites high-achiever professionals to partake in our unique sessions and share their ideas and experiences to help students augment their potential. Change-makers from all fields are invited to help deliver knowledge or skill building sessions at universities throughout Pakistan. Volunteering to speak at Talk World is not only a great tool to impact a great number of lives, it is also an opportunity to spread your ideas and even lookout for promising young people.


  • We encourage a congenial discussion with active student participation. Generally, a 50-50 ratio of talk-time and discussions is preferred
  • Focusing on one or two main issues instead of a jumble of topics is helpful; in some cases, students would have already identified areas where they need guidance
  • Each talk session should ideally last between 45 and 60 minutes; and should not exceed 70 minutes
  • Topics for discussion can be predetermined based on the speaker’s area of expertise
  • Speakers are requested to convey any special requirements or arrangements they deem necessary