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Following are reasons due to which Career Pakistan is best placed to fulfill your company’s executive search requirements

  1. Career Pakistan has the experience of working for all types of senior and junior positions, in almost all sectors of the economy.
  2. More importantly, our unique search methodology does not rely on databases. We search “live” for candidates, utilizing our 25+ full-time staff members. This provides us an unparalleled capability to quickly find candidates for the most difficult-to-fill positions, keeping in view each organization’s unique needs.
  3. Our unique search methodology also enables us to rapidly find candidates world-wide, and of any nationality required.
  4. Unlike many other companies, Career Pakistan has a single focus: Headhunting. We say “no” to any other type of work. This strategic focus has made us generally recognized as the best in what we do. As a result, almost all of our business development has been through word-of-mouth support.
  5. Our top management is very hands-on. Our top management is always available to have discussions with the HR or line managers to determine preferences for each position.
  6. Candidates are short-listed not just once, but twice – to ensure the best applicant quality.
  7. We have the record of always meeting deadlines of top clients – and in many cases, advancing agreed deadlines to meet new needs of top clients.
  8. We have the habit of saying “yes” to all client requests. We make a satisfied customer experience our goal number one.
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